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Top Line Pest has been one of the leading pest companies in Las Vegas over the past decade. Starting in 2003 Top Line Pest Eliminators specialize in Residential, Commercial and Infestations. Top Line Pest prides themselves on the best customer service and elimination in Las Vegas. We believe in no monthly contracts or start up fees, we focus on elimination, not control. Most companies in Las Vegas charge monthly fees, we only charge for our service.

We also use organically grown, plant based formulas to eliminate pests. We believe in keeping you and your pets safe from harmful pesticides. License #6145

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As a new season approaches homeowners usually take the opportunity to clean, switching clothing, place items in the attic and prepare for the new season ahead. During this time, it is also a great time to look for any pest infestations. Depending upon the pest, there are certain signs of a pest infestation. If you do find a infestation give us a call, we specialize in infestations and we will do everything we can to get your home back!


We understand pests have no place in your home and that protecting your family and property from pests and the problems they cause is a serious matter. That is why we offer worry-free residential pest control services in Las Vegas that are ideal for single family homes. We target common household pests including ants, spiders, bed bugs, pigeons, cockroaches scorpions, bees, and mice. Why worry about insects and rodents taking over your home? Tens of thousands of our customers enjoy pest free homes and you can too! Give us a call today!


We specialize in commercial pest control throughout Las Vegas Valley. Offering commercial sized pest control for your hotel/motel, restaurant, office building or even your professional practice, we offer the Top of the Line elimination to get your business back on track. If you have a commercial pest issue give us a call today!
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25% off Pigeon Removal

Are those pesky pigeons landing and making a mess all over your house and cars? We can help! Call the us today and we will come out and eliminate your pesky pigeon problem and make sure they never come back!

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