Common Types of Cockroaches in Las Vegas 

Las Vegas sees its share of creepy crawlies due to the intense, dry weather of the desert valley. Spiders, scorpions, mice and ants make their way into Las Vegas homes daily. However, a real nasty pest invading Vegas homes are cockroaches. 

Cockroaches in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas area is a proven breeding ground for four types of cockroaches: 1) the Oriental or Black Beetle cockroach, with its shiny, black and reddish-brown coloring; 2) the American cockroach, which is large and also a reddish-brown; 3) the German cockroach with two distinct black streaks on its back; and lastly, 4) the smallest of the four, the Brownbanded cockroach, which is brown with a pronounced banded pattern on its wings.

Found in virtually every part of the world, cockroaches can live just about anywhere, but prefer warm, humid environments. They can go for a long time without eating. They can also swim underwater, fly, and have the ability to taste without consuming, which allows them to survive after being poisoned by humans. Due to these factors, cockroaches in Las Vegas can infiltrate and infest homes to an alarming degree.

Cockroaches carry diseases, such as Staphylococcus, and present dangerous health risks to humans and their pets. A large cockroach infestation in a confined space can increase severe asthma attacks. They can bite humans and pets, feed on body sores and eye-mucus and wreak havoc on homes in general, such as knocking out smoke detectors, defacing walls and pictures, and contaminating surfaces, like kitchen and bathroom counters.

Contacting a reliable team of Las Vegas pest control professionals is your best line of defense. Make sure to pick a service that utilizes eco-friendly sprays that will not harm you or your pets.

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