Evidence and Control Measures for Roof Rats

Evidence of Roof rats is apparent if you know the signs. Controlling measures can often help reduce the risk of rats.

Evidence and Controlling Measures for Roof Rats in Las Vegas

The Roof rat is common to areas that have standing water as well as heavy vegetation. While they were rare in Nevada at one time, the rats are becoming a familiar occurrence like the ones featured in a KTNV story on Smith's grocery store in November 2015.

The Roof rat reaches sexual maturity in 2 to 3 months and can produce up to six litters per year with each litter reaching up to 8 pups. This means that one rat can have up to 48 pups per year. In a few months, those pups will begin producing their own litters.

Roof Rat Evidence

Before the Roof rat infests the home with litters and litters of pups, there should be evidence of the rat settling into your home. You might hear it inside the walls chewing or scratching. Holes in the baseboards, dirt marks around the holes and droppings will be a good indication that there's a rat. Chewed cereal boxes and droppings in areas around food or trash are good indicators. Chewed wires are also a sign that there are rats.

In some parts of Nevada, the Roof rat might be making a home in the yard. They could be attracted to fruit trees, piled materials or outbuildings. The rat can be attracted to trash that isn't stored properly too. While they're out in the yard, they're dropping fecal matter and urinating on the property, which can be a serious health hazard. If it grows cold, they are close enough to enter the home for warmth too.

Controlling Measures

To keep rats from entering the home, you need to weatherproof around windows and doors. If you have pipe chases and entrances, you can install wire mess or steel wool to keep the rats at bay. Pet doors should be secured at night too.

The clutter and materials piled in the backyard need to be cleaned. This includes mulch and leaves surrounding the underside of bushes. These make great nests for rats. Any wood piled in the yard should be on a raised platform to keep it from giving rats a place to nest. Trash should be properly stored in containers.

Rat Elimination

While control measures might keep rats out, if you already have a rat problem, you'll need professional help from a pest control company Las Vegas that knows how to eliminate pests like the Roof rat.

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