Get Rid of the Scorpions Living in Your Home and Lawn

A scorpion infestation in your home or yard can leave your kids afraid to go outside or even climb in bed. Exterminators can identify the type of scorpion you have, discover where the insects came from and take care of those bugs.

Exterminating Scorpions from Las Vegas Homes

Las Vegas is home to a type of scorpion called a Las Vegas Bark Scorpion, which infests homes in other parts of the region. These pests prefer areas with a constant source of food and may seek out your home because of other insects living in your basement, around your foundation or across your lawn. Exterminators want you to know that this type of scorpion is potentially dangerous and that you should seek out help immediately.

Why Are Scorpions Dangerous?

The main reason why this and other types of scorpions are so dangerous is the venom they release through their stingers. If you find yourself stung, you will likely experience some numbness first, which later gives way to an intense pain that might leave you screaming or even crying. Though most people survive the sting with some pain and discomfort, those with weakened immune systems are more susceptible to the venom. You especially need to worry if you have older relatives or children living with you.

Exterminating Scorpions

Scorpions are generally just as afraid of people as people are afraid of scorpions. These insects should not seek you out, and most will go to great lengths to hide from humans. If you find that the bugs continually come out during the day, begin getting inside your home or build large colonies outside, it's time to get help. With scorpion extermination Las Vegas residents like yourself can spend time inside and outside without worrying about these biting and stinging insects.

Keep Your Kids Safe

Ridding your home and lawn of any biting or stinging creatures, including scorpions, bees and wasps, will make your kids feel better and keep them safer. You can talk with an exterminator about the insects you see living around your home to find out what you can do to get rid of all those bugs.

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