How to Avoid Bee Stings Around Your Las Vegas Home

Bees are common in spring and summer in Las Vegas. A few precautions can minimize contact with bees and potential stings in residential areas.

Tips for Minimizing Bee Stings Around Your Home

In Las Vegas, human encounters with swarming bees typically being around March and April. While there is a potential for bee stings anywhere there are bees, understanding their behavior a little better can help ease some of the fear of these insects, and help determine if professional bee removal is necessary.

Bee Swarms Should Be Observed

Bee swarming happens when the queen and about half of the worker bees leave an old nest to find a suitable location for a new nest. The bees move through the air as a group and may even rest as a group before continuing a search. This may seem alarming, but the bees will not generally attack a person at this stage unless blatantly provoked by swatting or spraying water on them. In other words, ignore them, and they will ignore you. However, if it is noticed that the cluster of bees is hanging around a particular spot for a while, it may be that they are beginning to establish a colony and a hive at that location. Professional bee removal service may need to be considered at this point before a hive forms.

Established Hives Harbor Defensive Bees

Once a colony is established, the bees will naturally become more defensive and hostile. Protecting the queen, eggs and larva is a serious job and a perceived threat to the hive may result in a bee attack. If bee stings are concerning to a homeowner, family or neighbors, then consulting with professional bee extermination in Las Vegas may be a good idea. Removal of the established hive at this point is a bit trickier but is definitely manageable.

Tips to Avoid Bee Attacks

It is important to remember that bees do not generally sting people for no reason. Self-defense and protection of the hive are the major motivations for bees to attack. For these reasons, any kind of swatting or direct attack of bees should be avoided. Strong scents and bright colors attract bees. If a bee is buzzing around curiously or lands on you, remaining still and calm is important, and they will likely fly away as they are simply looking for food for the hive. If a bee is behaving aggressively, it may mean that the hive is nearby and they are warning you to move away. Call a professional for home bee removal if there is any question of safety or if someone in the home is highly allergic to bee stings.

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