How to Determine if You Have a Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs commonly come into your home via objects you bring with you. There are signs you can look out for before deciding whether to call an exterminator for bed bug extermination.

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation in Your Home

Bed bugs are one of the hardest types of bugs to get rid of in your home. You can bring those insects home with you in bags you took on vacation or used furniture you buy, but you also risk family and friends bringing the bugs in with them. Before you automatically assume that there are bed bugs in your home, find out what signs may indicate that you have a serious infestation.

Bug Bites

The most common sign of a bed bug infestation is a simple bite. Bed bugs feed off of human blood and can drink blood from your pets too. These bites are often small in size and may appear slightly red or pink and then fade to a softer pink or even white color. Bed bug bites usually cause an intense itching sensation. As the bugs typically only come out late at night, though, you may not see any bites when you wake in the morning. If you worry that you have bed bugs, set an alarm and check yourself around three or four am.

Check Your Bedding

Check all of your bedding for any casings that the bed bugs leave behind, eggs and feces. If you see tiny clusters of black dots that are roughly the size of a pencil point, this may indicate the presence of bed bug eggs. Smears and marks that are dark red and brown are the feces that these bugs leave behind. You may even see the bugs crawling across your mattress, comforter, sheets or pillows. A pest control company in Las Vegas can send an exterminator to your home to remove all those bugs.

Stop the Biting

Bed bugs can survive for more than a year without feeding, and adults leave behind eggs that become fully grown adults in just a few weeks. The key to completely eliminating the bed bugs from your home is with an exterminator experienced with bed bugs.

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