How to Put a Stop to Honeybees Near Your Home

Bee swarming season occurs during the warmer months of the year. While engaging in outdoor activities, you may find yourself encountering bees and beehives near your home.

How to Prevent and Remove Honeybee Nesting

In the Las Vegas area, bee-swarming season typically occurs during the months of March through July. You may find bees near trees, gardens, meadows and woodlands. You’ll also find swarms of bees moving from place to place in domesticated areas. Honeybees can build their hives near hidden places to avoid predators, such as hollow trees, inside walls, holes near the sides of buildings, rock crevices and street poles.

Africanized Bees in Nevada

If you are a Las Vegas resident, you’re probably aware that Africanized bees established themselves in the Southwestern part of North America. Some of the first sightings of these bees, also known as killer bees because of their aggressive nature, invaded the Nevada area by 1998. If you notice a hive of bees around your home, don’t attempt to remove it. You should find a company that can provide you with a professional bee extermination Las Vegas removal from your property.

Preparing Your Home for Bee Swarming Season

It may be difficult to completely avoid coming in contact with bees, and it is always beneficial to hire an exterminator to remove beehives. However, there are ways to prevent them from nesting near your home. Seal all hollow cracks, particularly around the corners of the outdoor structure of your home. If you have a dog, your pet may dig holes in the yard. Be sure to cover all of the burrows. To prevent honeybees from entering your home, make sure that all window seals and screens are secure. It's best to cover the top of your chimney with a chimney cap.

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