How to Successfully Stop Mice from Getting into Your Home

Learn how to stop mice from nesting inside of your house by getting rid of any mice that are already there and taking steps to reduce your home's likelihood of having them come back.

How to Prevent a Reinfestation of Mice in Your House

Mice have plagued human dwellings since the earliest days of history. These vermin are able to squeeze through a hole the circumference of a dime and can chew through materials including wood, plastic, brick and mortar. A mouse infestation is a serious problem because mice are known to spread diseases that affect human health. After a specialist for pest control in Las Vegas has gotten rid of an infestation of mice in your house, you will need to take action in order to prevent them from coming back.

Find Their Entry Source

Once the pest control company has gotten all the mice out of your house, you need to close all the entry sources where they may have gotten in. To do this, use a flashlight to find all the tiny gaps and holes around your home's foundation. Look up the walls and around your chimney. Mice can also get in around openings for wires, plumbing or lights. They may travel across tree branches and in through vents or open flues.

Seal Food Sources

While mice can eat wood and paper, they prefer the same foods that people and pets do. Avoid leaving out bowls of dog or cat food inside or outside of your home. Remove any bird feeders, as mice will eat the seeds that the birds have dropped next to your house. Put open packages of flour, sugar and grains into glass or plastic containers with tightly sealing lids. Keep lids on all of your trash cans.

Sanitize All Surfaces

Mouse droppings and urine may harbor bacteria, parasites and viruses. After the mice are out, remove all of their nests and droppings. Sanitizing with a bleach solution not only disinfects your home, but it also removes the scents that mice use in order to find each other.

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