Possible Dangers of Squirrels in Your Home

Seeing a squirrel running through the park and playing with other animals is one thing, but you don't want to see those same creatures in your own home. While cute and fluffy, you risk those animals putting your home at risk of different types of dangers and harming your family too.

Structural Damage

Homeowners often do not realize that squirrels can do significant damage to their homes and especially structural damage. A hole the same size as a quarter on your siding is all that these animals need to get inside. They typically live in attics, but the animals will seek out quiet places like your basement and inside your walls to build nests. As they scavenge for nest building materials, you risk the animals pulling out wiring and other materials for their nests. They can also burrow and cause damage to your foundation, floorboards and other parts of your home.


Making an appointment with a pest control company in Las Vegas will protect you and your family from the diseases that squirrels bring with them. Any infestation can bring diseases, and there are a number of infections that will actually cross species. Squirrels and other wild animals will urinate and leave behind feces that your pets might eat and your kids might touch, which helps those diseases spread even faster. An exterminator will work quickly to rid your home of these animals.

Other Animals

Letting squirrels run wild through your home also leaves it exposed to other wild animals. You risk larger creatures who are predators coming inside to hunt and feed off those squirrels, which may result in the animals leaving behind carcasses or even body parts that can attract flies and other insects. The best way to treat your infestation is with some professional help. Las Vegas exterminators can seal entrances to keep squirrels out, safely dispose of nests and remove any animals living in your attic, basement or any other room.

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