Prevalent Pest Control Myths

Some of the pest problems that regularly occur in homes happen because the resident is operating under one or more prevalent misconceptions.

Common Pest Control Mistakes People Make

Many of the common mistakes people make when it comes to pest control in the home are due to misconceptions borne from bad marketing and irrational fears. Regular treatment from a pest control company that Las Vegas homeowners and businesses rely on can get rid of pests and help keep them away, but these techniques are not a cure-all if the resident continues to make the same mistakes that lead to the problem.

Overreacting and Using a Store-Bought Insecticide

Not every insect is bad. Spiders and beetles, for instance, are an important part of your local ecosystem, and they will likely show up on occasion. A pest like this occasionally is no cause for concern. Do not overreact. If you think you have a problem, call a professional you trust. Do not buy a store-bought solution just because see a bug. It can actually make matters worse.

Making It Worse with a Bug Bomb

Bug bombs are a common example of how someone makes it worse. These bombs are not particularly efficient. They work through overkill. If a consumer purchases a product that targets the wrong pest or simply does not provide enough overkill for the space, they will not kill the infestation. In fact, they can make the infestation worse by causing it to spread out.

Not Alerting the Neighbors

You should not feel shame, but it is natural to experience that to some degree when a pest infestation occurs in your home. The real problem comes when you let that shame interfere with doing the right thing. Infestations put all neighbors in close proximity at risk. Neighbors can at least take preventive measures, and you can avoid the nasty cycle that can occur when only one neighbor is driving those pests away at a time.

Avoiding Treatment Due to Fears

There are also numerous misconceptions concerning pesticides. Pesticides are certainly dangerous chemicals when misused. Licensed exterminators are highly trained in their application, however. Additionally, pest extermination companies use products developed through the Integrated Pest Management process, which means that the product contains the least amount of chemical needed to be effective.

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