Primary Reasons for Bed Bugs

Understanding the reasons for a bed bug infestation can assist you in safeguarding your home from them.

Standard Causes of a Bed Bug Infestation in Las Vegas

Bed bugs are a nuisance that can happen to anyone. Though it's difficult to safeguard your home from bed bug infestations, understanding the common causes of bed bugs can assist you in stopping an infestation from occurring. Here's a quick look at the standard causes and symptoms of bed bug infestations.

Common Bed Bug Causes

Your home could suffer from bed bug infestations in many ways. One of the most common hiding places for bed bugs tends to be in mattresses, whether the mattress is in your residence or a hotel room you've recently stayed at. The same holds true for old furniture. Bugs can mostly be found in temperate climates. Infestations will usually occur in hotels, motels, apartment buildings, hospitals and dormitories. Bus and train stations may also have issues with bed bug infestations.

How to Safeguard Your Home From Bed Bugs

When protecting your home from bed bugs, always be wary of purchasing second hand bedding or furniture, as bed bugs love to infest these areas. Make sure to check any luggage racks in a hotel room for bed bugs before traveling back home. Using a protective cover on mattresses can help greatly with taking away bed bug hiding spots. Good hygiene and housekeeping aren't enough to keep bed bugs away, so it's important to always be on the lookout for them. Common signs and symptoms of bed bug bites include welts that can appear in lines and itch on a constant basis, and small dots of blood on the bedding.

Using Pest Control Solutions When Necessary

If you notice any signs of a bed bug infestation, it's essential that you use a pest control solution as bed bugs can't be rid of by your own fruition. These bugs can stay alive for over 12 months without food, so it's unwise to try to wait them out. When suffering from these or similar issues, consider utilizing bed bug and scorpion extermination in Las Vegas.

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