What to Do If You Find a Nest of Squirrels Living Inside of Your House

When squirrels chew their way into your house, they may cause structural damage or even ignite a fire after chewing through live wiring. A pest control service company can get rid of the nest and seal up the squirrels' entry spot.

Three Ways to Keep Squirrels from Getting Into Your House

Squirrels are industrious rodents that are active during the day. They usually avoid human contact, but they will enter your house to find shelter and to build a nest for their young. If you think there are squirrels in your house, a pest control company in Las Vegas can do an inspection and safely remove them before they can cause further damage.

Preventive Measures

You can take some simple actions to make your house less attractive to squirrels. These critters do not like capsaicin. This chemical is what makes peppers "hot." It comes in a spray form that you can spray on your home's vent openings, bushes and plants to deter squirrels. You can also have your vent openings covered with a high gauge stainless steel mesh. Squirrels cannot defeat the metal and will not be able to gain access to your home.


Only exterminators should set up any sort of a trap for squirrels. Traps must be in accordance with the local laws for trapping wildlife. They should not be placed within your home. The best place for traps is just outside of the entry where squirrels are getting into and out of your house. The traps can be set with tempting foods like peanut butter. Most traps are live traps that will catch the squirrels so they can be released somewhere else.

One Way Exclusion Doors

One-way exclusion doors are another good way to stop squirrels from getting into your house. The doors allow squirrels to get out and exclude them from getting back inside. After the pests are gone, the exterminators will verify that there are no live squirrels in your attic or anywhere else. The access points will then be sealed with steel so that the squirrels cannot chew their way in again.

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