Where Do Bathroom Cockroaches Come From?

Though many people think of cockroaches as bugs that seek out kitchens, these insects commonly live in bathrooms too. The water source provides them with liquid, and they can move from that room to others in search of food. Learning where those roaches come from can help you talk with your exterminator and treat the problem.

Plumbing Gaps

The most common reason why you might see cockroaches in your bathroom is because of gaps in your plumbing. Any holes underneath your sink or inside the cabinet around the pipe are a potential entrance for those bugs. If your neighbors have cockroaches, the chances are good that those bugs will seek out other homes. They can come through cracks in the foundation and enter through those gaps. You'll see the bugs on the floor, around the sink and in other parts of the room.

Sink Drain

When dealing with cockroaches in Las Vegas, exterminators will often check your sink drain. Many sinks have a trap that catches any items accidentally dropped down the drain, but the trap also blocks things from coming back up through the drain too. If your sink does not have a drain, you are at risk of developing a roach problem. The cockroaches can come right up through the pipe and exit through the drain. You may even see the roaches scurrying down the drain when you turn on the lights in the room.


Another reason you might see cockroaches in your bathroom, especially in Vegas, is because of the high humidity level. This occurs when you and your family frequently take long and hot showers with a lot of steam. The steam and humidity attract the cockroaches and makes it harder for you to get rid of them, which is why you need to hire an exterminator. Exterminators can find out where the cockroaches in your bathroom come from and the best treatments to exterminate them and to keep the bugs from returning.

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