Why You should have Pigeons Professionally Removed from Your Home

When pigeons gather in and around a home, they can cause serious problems for homeowners. To avoid illness and damage to your home, consider working with a pigeon control specialist.

Why You Should Let Professionals Handle Your Pigeon Infestation

While you may not be worried about a few pigeons roosting in your roof, these pest birds may actually be causing more problems than you realize. If the pigeons are left to their own devices, you may find that your health and your home has been compromised. If you find that pigeons have become unwanted guests in your home, there are three main reasons why you should contact Las Vegas pest control experts for help.

Feral Pigeons Transmit Disease

Feral pigeons are known to transmit diseases through their droppings. When the droppings dry out, the infectious diseases can become airborne before being inhaled by you and your family. These diseases include pigeon-borne meningitis, salmonella, listeria and viral encephalitis, all of which can result in serious illness. Some of these diseases can also cause long-term damage and require hospitalization.

Pigeons Cause Expensive Damage to Your Home

These pest birds love to build their nests in your gutters and under your roof eaves. Their nests can potentially block your gutters and downspouts, causing standing water that could lead to roof damage. The pigeon droppings themselves are also extremely acidic and eat away at your roofing structure. If this pest problem is not taken care of, you could face roof leaks or even an eventual roof collapse. They can also nest in chimneys and block your home's ventilation system, increasing the risk of a house fire.

Pigeons Do Not Leave

Although you may enjoy the sounds that pigeons make, you may find it surprising to learn that a pair of pigeons can raise up to five batches of eggs every year. Their presence encourages others to roost in your gutters, meaning you will be stuck with your unwanted guests. Professional pest control in Las Vegas can prevent the pigeons from being able to roost, keeping your home free of feral pigeon infestations and the damage they can cause to your home and your health.

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