Commercial Pest Control

We specialize in commercial pest control throughout Las Vegas Valley. Offering commercial sized pest control for your hotel/motel, restaurant, office building or even your professional practice, we offer the Top of the Line elimination to get your business back on track.


Property Management Services

Do you need a trusted pest control company to handle all of your properties pest needs? Do you need to eliminate your pet issues fast to ensure quick move ins and keep your clients happy? Give us a call today!

Hotel/Motel Services

We specialize in hotel and motel pest control. Servicing numerous hotels in Las Vegas, we pride ourselves on being one of the top pest control companies in Las Vegas.We offer numerous services catered directly for our local hotels and motels in the Las Vegas Valley.

Restaurant Services

Restaurants are a pests heaven, food, food and more food. So it is not uncommon to find pests lurking around below your booths and chairs. We know how to handle pest problems within close proximity of your food stations. Whether you just need a general spray or have a pest problem give us a call today and in most cases we can fix your issue same day or at the latest the following day.

Office Building Servicesstop

Does your office building have a pest problem? Do you need to eliminate the issue to get your employees back on track? Give us a call today! We understand pesky pests can put a stop to daily production and we understand how important it is to get rid of these pests and give your employees that peace of mind again.

Professional Practice Services

Do you have a pest problem at your dental or medical practice? We can help! We offer same day elimination because we know that every minute we waste it is thousands of dollars worth of production you may be losing not seeing your patients. We use all “eco friendly” plant based formulas to eliminate pests, so you won’t have to worry about the cross contamination of standard pesticides.

Need a quote for your Commercial Pest Control? Give us a call today!

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