Price List

Top Line Pest Eliminators

Most pest companies don't display their prices online, this is because they base their pricing off monthly fees. Here at Top Line Pest we eliminate the pests so we don't have to come back every month. We want our customers to live pest free for as long as possible, we do not control your pest problem we eliminate!

NO Contracts, NO Start-Up Fees

We find our clients are extremely happy with our no contract, no start-up fee policy. Car payments, mortgages, gym memberships etc. we don't want to add another monthly fee to your costly bills. You pay a one time fee for the elimination of your pests and that is it!


Our pricing below estimated cost, and varies based on your pest problem. We do want to give you our average estimate per service so you have an idea. We are very upfront and honest about our fees and have no problem explaining them to you! We will not leave until you are happy!

General Services

  • General Spray starting at $40
  • Attic Dust Application starting at $50
  • Fumigation starting at $140
  • De-Webbing starting at $20 (included in general spray)
  • Bed Bug Elimination starting at $200/room

Infestation Elimination

  • Ants elimination starting at $60
  • Mouse/Rats elimination starting at $60
  • Scorpions elimination starting at $120
  • Cockroaches elimination starting at $120
  • Bees elimination starting at $140
  • Bed Bugs Elimination starting at $150/room

*Prices are subject to changes and are only estimates

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