Residential Services


Insects and rodents can be more than a nuisance; they have the ability to cause damage and take away your peace of mind.  Because we are homeowners too, we understand pests have no place in your home and that protecting your family and property from pests and the problems they cause is a serious matter.  That is why we offer worry-free residential pest control services in Las Vegas that are ideal for single family homes. We target common household pests including ants, spiders, bed bugs, pigeons, cockroaches scorpions, bees, and mice.  Why worry about insects and rodents taking over your home?  Tens of thousands of our customers enjoy pest free homes and you can too!

Our Services include:


General Spray

Our general spray includes our standard "eco friendly plant based formula" that keeps your pets and family safe while eliminating your unwelcome pests. Our general spray is a preventative spray recommended at the start of each season. Our general spray starts at only $40!

Interior/Exterior Extended Spray


Our interior and exterior spray handles your current pest problems. We offer  a "Crack and Crevice" residual that will kill your pests and keep them from coming back. This spray is used when you have current pest problem in or outside your home. Pricing is based on the the type of pest problem you have and each home is different, so a quote will be given after the pest problem is assessed.


We offer a de-webbing service that is included in your Interior/Exterior Extended Spray. We eliminate all spider webs and spiders in your household.

Infestation Elimination

If you feel like you have a infestation problem give us a call immediately and we will come give you a quoted and eliminate the problem before it gets worse. Infestations can take over your whole household and cause serious health risks!


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