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What are Argentine Ants?

All Argentine ants are the same size. They travel with well-defined trails between their web of nests and their food sources. Argentine ants feed on sweets, honeydew and oily household foods.

What do they look like?Fire_ants_01

Argentine ants range from light to dark brown and measure about 2.2 to 2.8 mm long. Their antennae have 12 segments

Are they Dangerous?

Most house ant species do bite, but are not poisonous. They are can be dangerous even deadly for babies and small animals if left unattended in an infested area.

Where will you find these Ants?

Argentine ants are readily adaptable and can nest in a great variety of places. Colonies are massive and may contain hundreds of queens. Nests are usually located in moist soil, next to or under buildings, along sidewalks or beneath boards. These ants travel in trails.

Argentine ants are omnivorous, meaning that they can eat almost anything, but they prefer sweet foods. If your ant problem persists give us a call we offer complete elimination starting 0nly at $60.

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