What is a Brown Recluse Spider?

The brown recluse spider gets its name from both its color and it behavior.  They tend to stay hidden most of the time, and only come out to feed.  The “reclusive” behavior makes them not particularly easy to find all of the time. They are also one of the most dangerous spiders in the US.

What do they look like?

The brown recluse spider is yellowish to light brown in color. It has a dark brown violin pattern on back. This spider is about the size of a quarter, including its legs. In addition, it has three pairs of eyes in a semicircle on its head.The brown recluse has three pairs of eyes surrounded by a violin shape and the actual body length is 1/4 to 1/2 inches.

Are Brown Recluse Spiders dangerous?

The brown recluse spider has a bite that affects body tissue. The severity of the bite depends upon:

  • Individual immunity
  • Age of spider
  • Area of body bitten
  • Amount of venom injected
  • Depth of bite
  • Temperature

The bites themselves are painless. However, after 3-4 hours, the victim will experience some pain, in 6-12 hours blisters and some pus will appear, in 12-48 hours a bulls eye pattern of blue white and red will appear. Symptoms of a reaction are fever, vomiting, cramps and spleen enlargement.Less than 25% of the population exhibits a severe reaction called Necrosis (death of human tissue)

Where will you find Brown Recluse?

Indoors - storage areas, attics, closets, clutter, piles of clothing, stored boxes, furniture, stacks of paper, storage under bedsOutdoors - debris, utility boxes, woodpiles, under bark, outdoor storage buildings, leaves

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