What is a Sun Spider?

Also known as wind scorpions or the Arizona sun spider, these eight-legged creatures aren't technically spiders at all. They are not scorpions either, as their respective nicknames would lead you to believe. They are sollifugae and are a common domestic insect that shares some genetic and physical characteristics as spiders and scorpions.

What do they look like?

A sun spider can range in size from one to three inches and share a similar physical appearance to a scorpion but with a thick fur that covers their body like a spider.

Are Sun Spiders dangerous?

A sun spider make for great pest control and are generally harmless to humans.A sun spider is not venomous, but they do have a very strong jaw and can cause a nasty bite if provoked. These jaws help them feed on an assortment of insects and plants.

Where will you find Sun Spiders?

Those who live in deserts or dry, hot terrains are most likely to come into contact with this creature. They may come into the home seeking darkness, as the sun spider heavily dislikes sunlight. Their sun spider name is a poor translation from the Latin sollifugae which means “to detest light”.

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